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Federation of Sierra Leonean
Communities of Canada
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Manitoba Sierra Leonean Community Council (Manitoba Council)

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Manitoba Sierra Leonean Community Council
represents the Federation of Sierra Leonean communities of Canada in the province of Manitoba

Manitoba Sierra Leonean Community


Manitoba Sierra Leonean Comunity council

The Manitoba Sierra council of the Federation represents the Federation and work collaboratively with the local Sierra Leonean communities, Associations, and groups to address social issues and improve lives of community members.

For additional infomation, please contact:

Manitoba Sierra leonean Community Council
General Tel: (416) 900-8311
Email: info@federationsaleone.org

Manitoba Sierra Leonean Community Associations & organizations

Sierra Leone Nationals Association of Manitoba (SALNAM)

SALNAM is the Sierra leonean community association that supports community members.
Website: www.salnam.ca


Koinadugu Descendants Association of Manitoba (KDAM)

KDAM fosters coperation and support the socio-economic well-being of Sierra Leonean from Koinadugu district, Sierra Leonean.

SALNAM General Election

The Sierra Leone Nationals Association of Manitoba will hold its general election to elect executive members on September 29, 2018.

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For more information, contact:
(204) 782-7335

The Federation of Sierra Leonean Communities of Canada is a non-profit national umbrella organization that represents and furthers the interests of the Sierra Leonean communities, Associations, groups, and people of Sierra Leonean descent through leadership, collaboration, advocacy, capacity building and community development initiatives.

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1765 Weston Road,
Unit 1810,Toronto
Ontario, M9N3P7

Tel: 416-900-8311

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14818-88A Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5E3J5

Tel: 780-902-3966

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