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Federation of Sierra Leonean
Communities of Canada
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What We Do

We mobilize human and finacial recources to help people in need, strengthen community life, and advance the unity, values, and shared purpose of our Sierra Leonean community

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What We Do

The Federation invests in activities that provide vital services to people in need and strengthen the communities. We also work in partnership with a network of local, national and international organizations and all levels of government to enrich the lives of people and the communities.
In Sierra Leone, we strive to effect change and enhance lives by helping people in times of crisis and engage in community development in partnership with other organizations as well as all levels of government.

Community Voices Initiative
Make your voice count!

Community members are experts of their communities and diversity of perceptions can help identity community values, issues and develop consensus that can contribute to the development of our communities. We need a strong and vibrant community that can be realized through thoughtful and meaning community collaboration and strong integration of community voices.
Make your voice count through:
  • Opinion:  Provide your opinions, comments or concerns to help us learn about your perceptions of our programs, projects, organization and communities.
  • Share stories or experiences: Stories help to educate, inspire and effect necessary changes.
  • Priority needs survey: To assess and prioritized the needs of the communities.
Submit your opinion, stories or experiences to:

 Travel (Trips) to Sierra Leone

Our travel program provides assistance to travelers, visitors, friends, and people of Sierra Leonean descent who want to visit Sierra Leone and explore its history, cultural and natural sites. The Travel program helps with facilitating your trips, stays, tours, and excursion in Sierra Leone. We also strive to reconnect people of Sierra Leonean descent to their Sierra Leonean heritage, roots, language, and culture. Sierra Leone has abundant breathtaking scenery, historic and cultural sites, and natural environment, including: Cotton Tree, Victoria Park, national museum, National railway museum, Peace museum, beautiful beaches, Banana Island, Bonthe Island, Bunce Island, countryside, and many more.

Join our Travel program and enjoy a unique and memorable experience in Sierra Leone. Call us: 416-900-8311 or 416-838-8741

Community Education

We share many common concerns and challenges in our lives and communities. To help address them, the Federation holds free workshops, seminars and online information sessions and webinars on a wide range of issues that affect the general well-being of the communities, such as:
  • Family relationships
  • Parenting
  • Personal financial
  • Health and wellness
  • Crime and safety
  • Drug prevention
  • Elder abuse
  • Women and girls` empowerment
  • Community collaboration
  • Development initiatives
  • Other topics
To register for upcoming sessions or if you need more information, please send us an email: 
  or call us: 416-900-8311 or 416-838-8741


We advocate on important social issues and provide a strong foundation for improving community life.

Leadership training

design to help leaders to become more effective in areas such as: communication, problem solving, creativity, delegation, planning, and decision making.

Youth programs

We support programs that help youth by bringing hope to the youth and ensuring the next generation

Women`s programs

Provide opportunities for women to engage in a variety of activities, such as: capacity building, social, and recreational activities, aimed at fostering skills development and socialization.

Research project

The Federation engages in research and policy work that advances the knowledge about Sierra Leonean community and general social issues, which can result to the development, review, and changes in policies and related programs, in order to enhance community life.

Proposed research project

Priority survey

The federation would like to work on various priorities that are important to the Sierra Leonean communty.



2,620 Sierra Leonean Canadian were identified in 2016 Census

2016 Census report on immigration and ethnocultural diversity showed that 2,620 Sierra Leonean were self-identified as Sierra Leonean... Read more >>

Development in Sierra Leone

The Federation participate in the development of Sierra Leone through advocacy, projects, and humanitarian support, and promotion of good governance and human rights.

To learn more about our programs, please call Tel: 416-900-8311
Email: info@federationsaleone.org

The Federation of Sierra Leonean Communities of Canada is a non-profit national umbrella organization that represents and furthers the interests of the Sierra Leonean communities, Associations, groups, and people of Sierra Leonean descent through leadership, collaboration, advocacy, capacity building and community development initiatives.

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